Hotel Furniture Buyers Guide

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Hotel Furniture Buyers Guide

Hotel Furniture Buyers Guide

As hotels consist of different areas; from receptions, through bedrooms to reastaurants, there are many different types of furniture requirements that need to be considered when specifying a hotel project.

Hotel Reception Furniture

Reception furniture makes a big impact at first sight, and will help your guests determine the calibre of the hotel before they reach the reception desk.

Reception Furniture Tips

  • Reception furniture must be crisp and clean – choose fabrics that don’t stain, and cushions that don’t sag. Memory foam is very useful in this respect – as the name suggests, it always reverts to its original size and shape without the need for constant ‘plumping’.
  • Remember that the backs of the chairs may face the entrance, so make sure that furniture looks great from all directions.
  • If chairs have to be regularly moved, consider wood strips on the top of the backs. These strips will be grabbed, so the upholstery is protected.
  • If your chair and sofa feet are integral with their frame, they won’t twist. Take care with screw-on square legs and feet, as they’ll gradually loosen.
  • If you have revolving bar stools with backs, opt for return springs so they spring back into a standard position. This will maintain a tidy looking bar – and your staff will thank you for saving them the work

The Hotel Restaurant

Hotel dining rooms are becoming indistinguishable from stand-alone restaurants. Chairs, tables and banquette seating must be robust and practical – but also represent a central part of your interior design decisions.

Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom desk chairs, easy chairs, stools and even sofas. We recommend relatively compact furniture; space is at a premium in most hotel bedrooms; so our ranges generally focus on furniture with a small footprint.


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