Modern Hotel Bathroom Textiles Manufacturer in Turkey

Modern Hotel Bathroom Textiles Manufacturer in Turkey

Hotel furniture factory in Turkey

Hotel Furniture Buyers Guide

Hotel Furniture Buyers Guide

As hotels consist of different areas; from receptions, through bedrooms to reastaurants, there are many different types of furniture requirements that need to be considered when specifying a hotel project.

Hotel Reception Furniture

Reception furniture makes a big impact at first sight, and will help your guests determine the calibre of the hotel before they reach the reception desk.

Reception Furniture Tips

  • Reception furniture must be crisp and clean – choose fabrics that don’t stain, and cushions that don’t sag. Memory foam is very useful in this respect – as the name suggests, it always reverts to its original size and shape without the need for constant ‘plumping’.
  • Remember that the backs of the chairs may face the entrance, so make sure that furniture looks great from all directions.
  • If chairs have to be regularly moved, consider wood strips on the top of the backs. These strips will be grabbed, so the upholstery is protected.
  • If your chair and sofa feet are integral with their frame, they won’t twist. Take care with screw-on square legs and feet, as they’ll gradually loosen.
  • If you have revolving bar stools with backs, opt for return springs so they spring back into a standard position. This will maintain a tidy looking bar – and your staff will thank you for saving them the work

The Hotel Restaurant

Hotel dining rooms are becoming indistinguishable from stand-alone restaurants. Chairs, tables and banquette seating must be robust and practical – but also represent a central part of your interior design decisions.

Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom desk chairs, easy chairs, stools and even sofas. We recommend relatively compact furniture; space is at a premium in most hotel bedrooms; so our ranges generally focus on furniture with a small footprint.


See hotel room furniture designs

We are a professional hotel furniture manufacturer based in Inegol in Bursa in Turkey. We have teamed up with many reliable supply chains to ease the opening process of your hotel. We can help you with  your hotel bedding, bathroom textiles and hotel drapery.


Enjoy the luxurious hotel bedding, pillows, linens, comforters, mattress toppers and everything your hotel guests need for a glorious sleep.

We have a wide range of hotel beddings, bathroom textiles, hotel draperies, pillows, linens, comforters, mattress toppers , blankets, blanket covers, duvetttes

Commercial Kitchen Equipments

Cooking equipments, Display Equipments, Bakery equipments, Refriegeration

We are a professional hotel furniture manufacturer based in Inegol in Bursa in Turkey. We have teamed up with many reliable supply chains to ease the opening process of your hotel. We can help you with your hotel kitchens. Commercial kitchen furniture, commercial kitchens hotels, hotel commercial kitchens.




Hotel Room Furniture Design

Hotel Room Furniture Design

Finding a contract furniture company to take your custom furniture design from concept to reality can be a daunting prospect. We have been designers and manufacturers of high-quality contract furniture for over a decade.

Designing custom  hotel furniture is never an inconvenience for our team, it is the lifeblood of the company. We understand the need for a unique chair or headboard to suit your exquisite interior design scheme or a section of shapely banquette seating for your restaurant. With knowledge spanning all areas, we are proficient in helping you create truly bespoke hotel furniture

Hotel Room Furniture Design

We can help you with our designs

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Hotel Project

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See our wide range of professional custom made hotel furniture. Bespoke modern and contemporary hotel furniture

Quality hotel furniture designed and manufactured to meet designers’ concepts.

With over 12 years of manufacturing experience, you can be certain the end result will be nothing short of inspiring. We work with hotels, interior designers and restaurants to deliver the best quality hotel room furniture and seating solutions that meet your style and budget.



We offer hotel furniture for all areas of the hotel including, Bedroom furniture, mattresses, reception areas, sofas, armchairs  restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, conference halls, industrial kitchens, hotel drapery and welcome kits, corporate id works.

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